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Visual Studio Live!

Unit Testing Makes Me Faster: Convincing Your Boss, Your Co-Workers, and Yourself

Unit Testing Makes Me Faster: Convincing Your Boss, Your Co-Workers, and YourselfJeremy Clark takes you through how to convince your boss (and others, including yourself) that testing makes you faster and lets you move forward confidently and quickly. He covers:

  • How unit tests improve the speed of development of UI-based applications -- particularly workflows
  • How unit tests can improve the speed of development of APIs and libraries
  • That one of the side effects of unit testing is to create more maintainable code

Estimated viewing time: 74 minutes

WCF & Web API: Can We All Just Get Along?!?

WCF & Web API: Can We All Just Get Along?!?Miguel Castro tackles the strengths, weaknesses and overlapping uses of these two technologies. He covers:

  • Key differences between the two technologies
  • Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses
  • Integrating the two together

Estimated viewing time: 73 minutes

SQL Server Live!

SQL Server Live! Developer/BI Content PreviewDeveloper/BI Content Preview

Lenni Lobel and Andrew Brust take you through a preview of their respective workshop content at the event.

Lenni covers a sneak peek into SQL Server 2016, including a cool new demo. Andrew covers how flagship technologies like Hadoop and Spark complement SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform you have been working with for years.

Estimated viewing time: 20 minutes

SQL Server Live! Edwin SarmientoIT/DBA Content Preview

Edwin Sarmiento shows you how to administer and maintain SQL Server when it comes to hybrid cloud, security and disaster recovery sites.

Estimated viewing time: 17 minutes


TechMentor COMING SOONContent Preview

Jeff Hicks offers PowerShell tools, tips and tricks as he previews his sessions on WPF graphic interfaces and class-based DSC resources.

Estimated viewing time: 21 minutes


Office & SharePoint Live!

Office & SharePoint Live IT Pro & Developer Content PreviewIT Pro Content Preview

Vlad Catrinescu takes you through what’s new in SharePoint 2016 for IT Pros and how to automate tasks in Office 365 using PowerShell.

Estimated viewing time: 36 minutes

Developer Content Preview

Bill Ayers offers his take on building apps against Office 365.

He also describes how you can leverage the skills you already have by making sense of the new technology that's out there.

Estimated viewing time: 15 minutes

Modern Apps Live!

Modern Apps Live! Conference PreviewConference Preview

Are you asking yourself: “How does a single track conference work? Am I REALLY gonna learn Modern Apps from end-to-end? If yes, then HOW?”

Rockford Lhotka, conference chair, lays out a full preview of the event, explaining what you will learn and why, and maybe even a few tips and tricks along the way.

Estimated viewing time: 34 minutes